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For centuries, man has sought ways to meet his needs, whether it is power or energy. Gas and electricity are two basic utilities that bring about comfort and convenience in domestic or industrial settings, as well as ensuring the provision of food, automobile, and electric powered devices. Scottish & Southern Electric, popularly known as SSE, is a global organization at the forefront of providing top quality gas and electricity. This power and gas distribution company can be easily reached through the SSE contact number. The SSE contact number will be fully discussed in the course of this article.

Call our SSE contact number today, and get connected through to the main Scottish & Southern Electric customer services line.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call SSE directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

SSE Customer Services0800 980 8476
SSE Hydro0141 248 3000
Join SSE0345 026 2658
SSE Arena028 9076 6000
SSE Energy Meter0345 026 7039
SSE retentions0800 980 8476
SSE freephone number0800 980 8476
SSE emergency numbersClick here

SSE account number0345 026 2658
SSE business0800 389 4466
SSE sheild0345 076 7646
SSE Broadband0345 071 9498
SSE Boiler Breakdown0345 076 7646
SSE MPANClick here
SSE Warm Home Discount0800 622 838

In a world where everything depends, one way or another, on electricity and energy, it is very important to identify and patronize distribution companies of top quality in which Scottish and Southern Electric is one. SSE is a United Kingdom-based company and one of the largest distributors, suppliers, and generators of renewable energy such as gas and electric power. SSE is also involved in gas distribution for the use of domestic appliances. SSE operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The basic operation of Scottish and Southern electric involves the generation and supply of power and gas. This includes gas storage, gas exploration, production and contracting.

The importance of power, including electricity and gas, cannot be over-emphasized; therefore, the need for a consistent supply of these basic utilities must be taken with real seriousness. Being one of the leading generators and suppliers of power and gas in the United Kingdom, Scottish and Southern Electric are keen to ensure that customers enjoy high-quality electricity and gas in its usage, also giving each access to customers. They are also involved in power and gas domestic installations.

At SSE, the focus goes beyond the simple provision of power and energy needs; it is also keen on building lasting trust and relationships with its numerous customers. SSE believes that communication is key to building loyalty and confidence amongst users, and has entrenched this interactive factor in its core values, hence, the provision of real-time, up-to-date feedback. These responses are made through the SSE customer service.

Due to its status as one of the most accessible power and gas distribution companies, SSE provides customers with the chance to make inquiries, lodge complaints, place orders and do other related activities through their customer service department. The SSE customer service can be reached either by mail or by the SSE phone numbers. Their customer services cover different sections which include home services, gas and electricity, accessible, water, phone and broadband.

Scottish and Southern Electric also run emergency services, such as emergency gas supply, emergency electric power supply. In some occasions, you might be preparing lunch for the kids or trying to fix dinner for your spouse and all of a sudden the cooking gas finishes. You will need urgent supply and delivery of cooking gas and hence, the need to contact emergency services. These and lots more have been made easier by the SSE customer services by creating an avenue for direct contact with the electrical and gas distribution company – The SSE contact number.

With the customer service, customers can contact the electric and gas Distribution Company directly. They can ask questions, lodge complaints, make inquiries, and place orders. SSE have made it easy for customers to have easy access to the company, making the SSE contact number available to their customers and the general public.


The Scottish & Southern Electric provides two very important utilities that man cannot do without; Gas and Electricity. To ensure efficient and effective service delivery, the company has provided avenues for customers to be able to reach them in order to make inquiries, lodge complaints, place orders or contact in case of emergencies. One of such avenues is what is known as the SSE contact number.

SSE contact number provides the platform where customers can directly relate with the SSE customer service department. As a customer and user of any of the services they render, you can easily pick up your phone, dial the SSE contact number. This, in turn, links you directly to the SSE customer service department and makes your inquiries, lodge your complaints or place your order.

With different SSE phone numbers assigned for different purposes, Scottish and Southern Electric has a general SSE customer number that channels you to customer services you might need for that particular purpose. The SSE phone number has been made accessible and available for users of any of their services and the general public for no cost. Apart from the fact that SSE welcomes complaints from its users, the distribution company also ensures that the complaints are attended to as fast as possible.

With the mail platform already in existence, SSE understands it will be easier for customers to reach them through phone calls. They believe customers can, without stress, pick up their phones any time of the day to reach them, especially in an emergency situation such as gas supply or power outage. While mails might not be immediately attended to, the SSE customer services can be easily and immediately reached and the customer will be duly attended to without any delay.

It is also worth mentioning that the SSE customer number, especially for the emergency line, is always available at all times of the day. Mails can be sent at any time, for any reason, including power and gas supply and distribution, although phone calls will be more accessible and quite faster.

Users of their services are therefore implored to maximize the use of the SSE customer services, most especially putting phone calls through to SSE contact numbers to lodge complaints and make necessary inquiries about their services.

SSE Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
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24 Hours

SSE Head Office contact address

Scottish and Southern Electric
Inveralmond House
200 Dunkeld Road

SSE official website

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